Sunday, April 24th

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Direct and Ambient Interactions

I recently gave a talk at an SEGD workshop on interactive technologies and wayfinding. It was a lot of fun, and I’ve posted the slides and a kinda rough transcription on my site. 

There’s a disqus thread at the bottom of the page, and I’d love any feedback or critiques you’d be willing to give, especially as I’m hoping to rewrite and improve on it for a later presentation.  Thanks!

Monday, February 21st

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Thursday, November 25th
The Rapid Prototyping of Interaction Design

Yesterday I gave a short talk on the Rapid prototyping of Interaction Design for a profession development event at the University of Toronto’s Knowledge Media Design Institute.  These guys are doing some incredibly interesting work in Toronto right now, so it was a surprise and an honour to have been invited to speak.  I did a presentation chatting briefly about how I got in to Interaction Design from graduating as a political science specialist last year, and five principles I’ve come to apply in my use of Rapid Prototyping as a design practice.

You can access the contents of my lecture at http://readywater.ca/kmdi and the slides themselves are accessible from http://readywater.ca/kmdi/slides.pdf

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