Thursday, June 16th

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Border Town: Border Town Participants

I’ll be taking part in the Border Town studio project this summer. Very much looking forward to working with this group.


We are delighted to announce our Border Town design studio participants. Over the next 10 weeks this group will be getting together to think about and then make work that addresses the architectural and design problems that we find in cities built on or divided by borders and conflict zones.

Thursday, November 11th
Elements of Networked Urbanism

I was fortunate enough to attend the Adam Greenfield lecture on Elements of Networked Urbanism.  Broadly speaking, he considered the city and policy from an informational standpoint.  Through sensors, cameras, and APIs we’re seeing the city become porous: information flooding in and out, and a wealth of different analytical and perceptual views opened in consequence.

Greenfield spoke predominantly about the policy challenges that this kind of situation yields, and lay down key structural changes that our system of knowledge is coming up against.  I have about eight pages of notes which I need to transcribe, but that’ll be another post. 

The lecture included a walkshop where we wandered about a bit of downtown and gave a good hard look at the inputs, outputs, and interactions of networked urbanity.

Here is a set of photos from that trip:


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